Celebrating the Choral Legacy of Dr. Ysaye Maria Barnwell

Members of CMC’s small group, the Queensmen, were honored to be one of 8 Choirs making up a 250-voice ensemble that celebrated the choral legacy of Dr. Ysaye Maria Barnwell. The Cincinnati Men’s Chorus, along with members of KUJI Men’s Chorus of Marion Correctional Institution, Mount Saint Joseph University Singers, MUSE, Cincinnati’s Women’s Choir, South Avondale Elementary School, World House Choir, and Young Professionals Choral Collective in performing various pieces from Barnwell’s extensive compositional repertoire. The event, put on by MATA (Music, Arts, Theatre Academy Prison Arts) and Aliven Arts, was held at House of Joy Christian on February 26, 2022

Artistic Director Steve Milloy was one of 6 Conductors for the choral celebration and conducted the choral ensemble’s performance of Barnwell’s “No Mirrors In My Nana’s House.”