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The CMC lives its mission by showing support for the people of Ukraine

The Cincinnati Men’s Chorus was proud to be a part of a vigil to support Ukraine, held on Monday, March 7, from 7 – 8 pm at the clock tower in West Chester (off Union Center Blvd). The event was organized by The League of Women Voters and the Democratic Parties of Butler & Warren counties. The Cincinnati Men’s Chorus’s
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Donald Kemper

I am truly a child of the 50s. Between watching old MGM musicals, Lawrence Welk, and school field trips to the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. I have loved music for many years. Hearing the amazing voices of Mario Lanza, Katherine Grayson, Nelson Eddy and Jeanette Macdonald, and Jane Powell at an early age, I was hooked on music. I still can
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Rick Ketterer

The reasons why I sing now are very different from when I joined the chorus. My story with the Chorus began around 1999. I was 24, and newly out in two ways: out of the closet, and still new to being out on my own. One day a clerk at Pink Pyramid recognized me for a just out guy (didn’t
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David Lyman

I wanted to sing. I sang all through my youth and into my college years. But then I stopped. It seemed that there was never enough time. Work. Marriage. Travel. More work. But last year, I determined to find a way to sing again. I’d always dreamed of being part of a men’s choir. So I went online and searched
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Will Taylor

When I was growing up, I was always told all the things I couldn’t do, what I wouldn’t be and who I’d never become. I remember my father’s last words: “You will fail.” The mere thought of being gay was sinful, punishable by disownment. My life was planned out, and I was to become a soldier in the Army. A
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Dr. Patrick Coyle

I moved to Cincinnati in 1993 to attend the College-Conservatory of Music. Part of the decision to come to Cincinnati (instead of other schools) was the existence of the Cincinnati Men’s Chorus. I wanted to be a part of the chorus because 1) I was officially coming out and needed some support, and 2) I wanted a social outlet apart
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Mark Wert

When I was preparing to move to Cincinnati in 1996, I came to town for a weekend trip to find an apartment. My parents, who live in Northwest Ohio, drove down to help with the hunt. After I signed a lease on a nice place in Clifton (a couple blocks from where CMC now rehearses), my folks decided it was
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Bryndan Kinard

Confessions of a Chorus Virgin CMC’s December holiday concerts were the “coming out” for six new chorus members, including baritone Bryndan Kinard. We asked Bryndan, a graduate of Cincinnati’s School for Creative and Performing Arts, what that first concert was like. The preparation was hard. Wearing a tuxedo was not high on his list of reasons for joining the chorus.
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Brian Reynolds

We are not just a group of men that formed a club and like to sing. As gay and gay-supportive people, we sing to change lives, build relationships, and create a just world. Each of our members has a story to tell about how the Cincinnati Men’s Chorus has made a positive impact in the world, and this season we
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